Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wannabe card art

Thank you ImagineFX, Jim Murray and Matt Dixon for the inspiration for this one! Doing card art sound like nice work. Mr Murray has put another nail in my CG coffin. I have realized that out of my top 10 (at least) favourite artist only one has earned that position with digi art, and boy can Craig Mullins do traditional well too.

Great news! Our latest mobile game won IMGA's "Best gameplay" award! And just now I got a barely audible call from the US that sounded like "... I'm at GDC .... awarded Achievement in art... something... screech mumble..." Waiting to get confirmation on that.. :)


Mark Behm said...

Nice work here!
Jim Murray's got to spend his day job in Phontoshop too. :/

carnalizer said...

LOL yeah I bet he does... Nice of you to drop by. You yourself is doing a great job at disproving that traditional beats digi. :-)