Monday, January 11, 2010

level up!

Along with a lot of other titles that I've held but hardly earned , I can now call myself a GAME DESIGNER! (to go with interaction designer, programmer, studio manager, art director and teacher... I feel more of a game designer than any of those..) I've been designing games as a hobby for a long time now, but this is my first ever published game as a game designer. Well second actually, but the first first was so silly it dont count. The game is called Xemytica: Fate of Heroes. It is published by a dear friend of mine, Jesper Pingo Lindström.

A bit of a funny story actually. Pingo and I tend to have intense email contact for a while. When no one has anything more to say the emails tend to stop and we don't talk for a year. Then I get an email with some news and the cycle starts anew once we've updated the usual info about which wife and number of kids produced and such. A loong looong time ago Pingo told me about an idea for a card game. Me being a whining bore said that it wouldn't fly and suggested a more evocative fantasy setting with kool fighters battling it out. I wrote a draft which we knocked around for a while. He did a mockup and playtested. Seemed ok, but as usual the emailing died away. (I'm terrible at keeping contact...)

Now, three and a half years later, I get an email; "I've published the card game now." Awesome! I just got my copy. Excellent quality print and cards. I'm not too fond of stock art, but for the budget I know he had this is bloody excellent. And for once I'm (mostly) innocent of graphics and art.

Are you still reading? Then go buy the game: A few bucks for a pack enough for two players.

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