Friday, July 9, 2010

World in War

is the title of the game we're working on. FB here

I just realized I hadn't given proper credit. It's a title with a glorious past. Its' first incarnation was a cellphone multiplayer game already in the glory days of WAP (maybe.. at least ancient history techwise...) The second time around it became a board game (find box art by me at the start of this blog.) And now finally we're waking the beast once more as a strategy game for various portable devices. Initial playtests show tons of potential.

Here are a few pieces to be included in the game:
My rework of an earlier one. Now with angry soldiers instead of depressed soldiers.

Final paint (I think..) on top of the B/W sketch below:

Last, La Resistance! Proud wine-drinking, cheese-eating fighters for freedom:
My style change as often as a schizophrenic traffic light...

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