Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ayum ah concupt ahtisht

Looked at a few youtube tutorials by Marco Bucci. Never heard of him before, but he seemed to know a thing or two about lighting and color. Painted this during a break. Great fun. No I didn't take the time to concieve anything more imaginativ than the same tired huge towers everyone else have done. The end result reminds me a bit about Bierstadt. I have to admit I'm a little fond of his landscapes, even though they're cheesy as hell. A few years back we were pitching an MMORPG (when everyone else was doing it...) and I had this obsession that it should look like a Bierstadt painting wherever you'd look. I still think that would have looked awesome in a fantasy game, even though I wouldn't hang his paintings on my wall (I'd keep them in a vault). Sadly I wasn't artist enough to sell it and I doubt our tech would have managed.

Marco talks a bit on the importance of doing plein air studies. After this sketch I've learned that he's right. You do need to do that to build a mental reference library. I will do it. Soon. When I retire...

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