Sunday, July 3, 2011

i got you cover-ed

What a lame title gag. God i'm getting old...

Well, some time ago (like years ago..) I posted a few black-n-whites for a post apocalyptic tabletop game. That didn't work out well. It was canned because of less than satisfying playtests and this new idea I got for a fantasy skirmish tabletop game.

That game went trough 3-4 playtests that was also less than satisfying. BUT it had a nice core idea and there were moments of good stuff in it. So I kept at it with help from my buddy Daniel. Actually it was also close to being scrapped and has been hibernating for almost a year. But then, about a month ago, we were at a gaming convention where we tested a game with similar scope and theme. It had some neat features that got us inspired. So back home again I knocked out a new version. Not copying anything mind you, but doing our version of getting "gambling choices" and positional values. Two playtests later and we have an alpha version of the game that is really enjoyable.

It will be a free to download, generic fantasy skirmish game. Not "bad generic", but rather you can use any miniatures. 6-15 minis to a side. Anything from dragons to cavalry to bat swarms. Very flexible rules, without the overuse of charts and tables of similar products. Once the online army builder is in a useable state (coming along nicely thanks to mr Actionvillain) and the rules are presentable, we'll release it into the wild and see what happens. :)

This is the cover art I've been doing this entire weekend instead of the chores I should have done.

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