Saturday, September 24, 2011

dealing death

A fan art sketch of the Death Dealer. Used one of the famous Frazetta paintings as reference and stole as much good as I could but without copying the drawing bits. (Frazettas' painting below for comparison)

(Goddamnwhatthefudge. Tried uploading 5 versions of this image, but it wont work properly TRY HERE!!)

Having a blast at my new job. Drawing constantly, so not much personal stuff gets done when off duty. This blog might dry up a bit... Hopefully what gets posted will be better quality from all the practise. :)


Björn Ritzl said...

I can for some reason not see the full size version of your drawing. The Frazetta one shows up just fine...

Can you tell us a bit about what you're doing or is it completely hush hush?

carnalizer said...

Blogger image upload does not like my picture in any format..

Björn: It is not completely hush hush. I make illustrations for Mojangs new game 'Scrolls'. It's an online card/board game. So there are cards, or 'scrolls', which have illustrations. These will summon units onto a hex board, so we also do 'sprites' and animate them. There are three of us artist more or less fulltime. First time I've ever worked in an artist team like this (with only 2D artist that is.)

We're working hard towards a semi-open alpha before the year is over.

How bout you? Any thought on parking Dweller and do a new game?

Björn Ritzl said...

Yeah, I've read about Scrolls and it sounds interesting! Let me know when you have an invite/version I can test ;-)

Yes, I hope to park Dweller a bit soon. I have an idea for a procedural genetic game/sandbox thingy in some ways similar to flOw (

carnalizer said...

Kewl. There is a alpha signup here:

I expect you will show more detail about that game on your blog when you're ready. Love procedural stuff.