Saturday, November 12, 2011


Inspired by the ever excellent Jim Murray after seeing this:

And a found older sketch of some postapo dude:

On another note; blogger (google?) seems to have employed the same interaction designers as microsoft. The current trend of hiding or removing useful features, while also obscuring any useful information and making everyone a "stupid user" regardless of competence, strikes again. It is no longer possible to add images as thumbnails. The fact that thumbnails are the best image-browsing method available since time immemorial, has somehow escaped the designers, who probably is more busy reading hipster magazines on their ipads than using their own shit. 

Now I can choose between small, medium, large, X-large and original. I tried large today. That is apparently an arbitrary percentage scaling of my image. WOW USEFUL!! This way I still have to do everything myself if I want a nice consistent look. Well F that. I'm just gonna choose a different layout every time.

Edit: wtf the pics are thumbs regardless of size UNLESS I choose the small size?? Either I really am a stupid user (quite possible) or I'm being trolled.

Edit2: Something wasn't working properly while I was still using the old post editor. Uploading the previously broken pics has made them clickable. So I guess I can live with this html5 house of cards piece of sh*t editor. Could I please get the pics aligned to the same margin as the text? Or have you decided it looks better like this? 

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