Sunday, January 1, 2012

project red pill

As of Januari 1st I'm officially enrolled in project Red Pill. Lately my brain has become fat and lazy. I've overindulged in passive internet use. Reddit (thanks Mojangsters for that timesink), Failblog, forums and so on. All these humor sites are a lot of fun, BUT they are nothing but a black hole of time. When you're done you have nothing to take away.  No new value has been added to your person. So just like I tend to feel disgusted with myself after cramming a whole bag of crisps, I have become disgusted by my uselessness. Usually, instead of productively pursuing one of many hobby project, I would excuse myself with being too tired for it. Light redditing however I could do for hours.

Change is paramount. Hence; Project Red Pill. There was this talk over at A guy claimed that change can be hard to commit to, because we assume all self-improvement must be everlasting. So his advice was that you can do anything for a month. That is what I will do.

Project Red Pill:

* No browsing content sites or passive info consumption during Januari.

* If I'm to tired for productive work, I'll go to bed.

* Exception; we just got a new TV with lots of channels. Watching with family is considered socializing. Also twitter, because it is not really passive to me.

The name Red Pill is of course taken from "The Matrix," because as you know, it is an allegory of modern consumer society. If you're being fed ads on a content site, you are on the blue pill.

Also I want to show you this sketch of a llama-like alien:


JM said...

That TED-video was a real gem, thanks for sharing it. It gives motivation :]

(Sv) OcksÄ, awesome llama. Lagomt derp'ig :D

HemiDragon said...

Definitely a good project to keep.

It's February now, of course.. Do tell how that went, what the withdrawal symptoms were, what hallucinations you've seen. :D

In reality it's rather truthful to think that we spend awful lot of times on the amusements without even realizing how fast the time goes past. Pursuing more intelectual undertakings would give a better sense of fulfillment.

Rock on, man!

carnalizer said...

@HemiDragon: I will absolutely do that! It was mostly a success. :)