Friday, February 10, 2012

project red pill - post mortem

January has ended. Project Red Pill has ended. (See previous post.) Sort of... Results were mixed, but mainly positive. The goal I set for myself was to to stop consuming content websites like reddit in order to increase my output of hobby projects. I did manage to increase the time I spent on projects which was great. I also increased the time watching TV and playing games. And cheated a tiny tiny bit a few times when motivation was low. Playing games is OK. It's excellent workout for the brain. TV not so much.

So what was I doing? I plowed through a few GameMaker tutorials in a misguided ambition to finally make a computer game. I learned that my game idea was a bad match to GameMaker. But more importantly I made a prototype for a beer'n'pretzel card game about a space empire. First and second play tests were extremely successful, so we've (my nerd-bro Daniel is on board) escalated plans and resources to publish it through which is a print-on-demand service for card and board games. Finally I've also worked on the table top game, which I've posted about before.

Overall a raging success! I thoroughly recommend everyone to limit your media consumption in favor of creative endeavors. 1st of February I had  reddit binge, like a fat person ending a diet, but since then I'm trying to stay productive. I will continue to resist being a media drone!

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HemiDragon said...

Looks like it was worth a try, dude.

There are a lot of instances when we spend time away without doing anything intelectually stimulating, but it's rather essential to slow down and recover a little before the brain melts down from all the overload.