Wednesday, May 16, 2012

it lives!

Tomorrow is the first public appearance of our (me and Daniel's) miniature game Shieldbreaker! We're doing beta testing at Linköping Gaming Convention, Lincon, the entire weekend.

Super psyched :D


Björn Ritzl said...

Good luck! I look forward to testing it myself at some point. Please post and let us/me know how it went!

brandon said...

I wish i was as good an artist as you
I would love to be a 2d artist one day and a concept artist :( where did you learn at?

It will be a long time before i can be as good as you or if ill ever go to an art school to get as good as you.

carnalizer said...

Hi Brandon,

I'm more or less self taught. Whether in school or not, it is you who do the learning. Most of it is practise anyway. Schools are neat since they give you time, and opportunities for practise, but they are not always neccessary. Constant practise is very neccessary. Cheers! /Henrik

brandon said...

I'm mostly self taught as well
do you use photoshop or something better?
its to hard for me to use photoshop because i don't understand the blending,So i use paint tool sai.
How long have you been at the artgame :)
only this good sadly -_- see anything i need maybe should learn i'm pretty sure i need to learn better anatomy

brandon said...
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LordLladar said...


Do you have any video or pictures of gameplay? I'd love to give it a look.