Tuesday, March 19, 2013

my dirty little secret

For close to 2 years now, me and my friend Jonas Jepson have been 'working' on a series of panels. The series is called 'Bitter'. It's a side project that we most definitely don't have time for, between work and family. Because of this we've redefined success to mean "doing OK in relation to effort spent." It's been a raging success! Currently running in several local newspapers and a few appearances in one of the largest magazines for funnies in Sweden. Oh and we won an award! The Pondus prize, ah the awkwardness of accepting awards on stage. That won't become a habit, I promise.

We don't really believe in the digital format for funnies, so I have barely mentioned them online. Apparently we were interviewed in a local local (as in published in and around a part of Stockholm called Bromma) paper here in Stockholm today. I haven't read it, but I hear some parts of the article is correct. Anyhoo I thought I could show a few. Unfortunately they're originally in Swedish, so I chose four where we managed a reasonable translation without professional help.

Jonas writes and I draw them. We started this project at a time when I wasn't all sunshine about my career. That might explain why it's kinda sorta blackish in tone. Funny fact: about half of Swedish daily papers are afraid to be perceived as negative and would prefer something lighter. The irony burnses us.

 We've made some efforts to go international. It hasn't quite happened yet. It probably won't until we get an English-speaking funny guy to take charge of that. I'm talking to you now, Mr Walsh.

If anyone else knows a publisher who's willing to do the work and give us the money (or part of them) please have them contact me. If you're Swede and want them in your local paper, email them and link here. Shameless plug over. Sorry.

About time I got Bitter on this blog! And about time I made a post. Over and out bazingas!

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