Monday, July 1, 2013


Lately I've tried to figure out how I feel about sexism and misogyny in games and other entertainment. While I've liked and enjoyed "boys entertainment" since childhood, the #1reasonWhy tweets and the much debated kickstarter to research the subject showed me stuff I did not at all recognize, and definitely didn't want to be a part of.

While misogyny is loathsome, I can't deny always having enjoyed pinups and girl art. Since I know I'm not a hater, the girl art can't be all sexist, right? Well, I struggled with the definitions for a while. Now I've settled with that there is a difference between sexy and sexism. Unfortunately, like with most things in life, there's probably a gradient between the extremes. So, where we step over the line will be different for everyone. Ergo; problem not solvable.

I'm gonna keep drawing girls occasionally. I'm gonna do it on my side of the line. I'm OK with (fictional) people of all genders being objectified from time to time. The sad part is that in games (and pretty much Hollywood) almost all women are objectified. So, I've taken it upon myself to try to better the situation while I'm working, and make an effort to draw also the women as if they're 'real' people, with roles and motivations, rather than the old focus on bodily form. We'll see how that goes. Can't claim to understand female motivations.

BUT, on my spare time, I can draw (even more) for my own enjoyment. There'll be forms without justification! I was gonna paint with oils but got lazy, so I did this:

Long ago I had long gone plans to make an art book depicting an all female pantheon. Purely as a fun theme for pinups. Still seems like a fun idea, but I don't think it'll happen for a long time.

Well, this would be some mad goddess of war...

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