Friday, October 30, 2015

so fricking cool waaaahhhaa


If you're here now on my pretty stale blog, I guess you've been linked here because of the Dark North kickstarter. This summer I was approached by a friend and former coworker, Robert Henrysson, who asked if I was interested in taking part in their art book project. Usually I turn down most side-projects straight away, in favor of my own projects. But Robert is the kind of guy who gets stuff done, and it's not his first rodeo. The more we talked, the better it got.

 I've been spending nights and weekends since then working on art for the book. Today we're set to launch the kickstarter. I really hope it gets funded. I think the book will be awesome. I've seen very little of the art from the other artists, and I'm very curious to see what they're up to. If they've had similar exchanges with the writer, Martin Larsson, as I have, it's gonna be some freakish reading in it.

Although I've had minor appearances in other books, this is the first time I'll be featured with my art and my idea. I've worked for others for so long, it was a new-ish experience for me to be my own creative director. It comes with a lot of pressure and doubt. When you're doing work for hire, you can redirect most of the feedback, but this will surely be a lot more personal.

Anyways, I've had a blast working on it. I still have six-seven pieces to finish. I'm gonna put it in high gear for real now. If this book is realized, it'll be sort of a milestone in my career. I've always been a games developer who does art, but this is all about being an artist, doing art for art's sake. I don't really know if my pics have what it takes, but I'm gonna give it my best either way.

It'd mean a lot for me if you back the project. Also, get off this old blog! Hit me up on twitter instead.


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